About rabbitAI

Founded at the dawn of 2020, a time when the world grappled with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, rabbitAI emerged with a mission to address a fundamental challenge in the machine learning journey: the lack of data. We recognized that every machine learning endeavor begins with a data deficit, and we set out to bridge that gap.

Our Journey

Our story began at the Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing (HCI) during our founders’ Ph.D. phase. It was here, amidst the intellectual hustle and the casual games of table football, that our founders, two physicists and a computer scientist, envisioned a future where high-quality image processing would revolutionize industries. With the support of an EXIST Research Transfer grant, our vision of superior image processing came to life.

Our Mission

At RabbitAI, we believe that the foundation of any successful machine learning application is robust training data. Our expertise lies in generating the training data essential to boost the development of neural networks. Whether it’s an image of a wild boar by the roadside or intricate 3D models of various scenarios, we ensure that AI systems are equipped with the right data to make accurate decisions.

Innovation at the Forefront

Our approach is tried and tested. We capture scenes using our proprietary light field setup, from which we create ultra-realistic 3D models. These models, combined with our knowledge of lighting and shadow, allow us to produce training data that mimics real-world scenarios. This not only aids in the training of AI systems but also helps in optimizing rare edge and corner cases.

Our Offerings

We cater to a broad spectrum of companies that leverage AI for image processing. From capturing technology to reconstruction and quality control, we cover the entire gamut of services. Our solutions are especially beneficial for enterprises in the automotive sector, as well as those integrating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

Values and Vision

Our core values revolve around innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We are deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of computer vision and AI. As we sprint towards the future, our goal remains clear: to significantly enhance image processing through AI.

Join Our Journey

As we continue to scale and expand our horizons, we’re on the lookout for partners and collaborators who share our vision. If you’re passionate about the future of AI and image processing, we’d love to hear from you.