Game-Changing Training Data for Computer Vision Engineers




Developing reliable 3D perception, action and gesture recognition on low-end hardware for XR or in-cabin sensing solutions.



We are providing device-specific ground truth. It accelerates your algorithms’ learning process, allowing them to specialize efficiently on your hardware.



More room for optimization, reduced hardware costs, and quicker inference times.


A solution from computer vision engineers for engineers

Deep understanding of the whole pipeline: from sensor hardware, calibration and simulation to algorithm development and deployment. Proven technology, handling terabytes on a daily basis with built-in failure detection and QA.

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Defining standards for training data

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Our ground truth

At our core, we are providing device-specific ground truth solutions, accelerating your algorithms’ learning process, allowing them to specialize efficiently on your hardware. The result: More room for optimization, reduced hardware costs, quicker inference times and shorter development cycles.

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  • Increase inference quality and reliability.
  • Reduce inference time
  • Optimize hardware requirements for cost-reduction
  • Speed up system integration and prototyping to save time.

With our innovative recording technology, we capture the important details of complex & dynamic scenarios, perfectly suited to your camera devices.

By extracting 3D models for real-world image data with unparalleled resolution of 1mm at room-scale, we derive automated high-precision and pixel-perfect ground truth for images of your real camera devices.

  • Mobile and flexible capture solution for smooth operations and fast integration
  • High scenario Variance & Throughput
  • Dense depth and body poses at 1mm precision.
  • Key points, object segmentation and more modalities, all automated.
  • Robust ground truth against lighting, mechanical shocks and other environmental factors.
  • Dynamic scenarios, 60fps, agnostic to indoor and outdoor scenarios.

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Our training data

In addition, our technology stack allows to make your existing real-world data even more valuable.

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You quickly need more scenarios for discovered data gaps.

You want to:

  • maximize efficiency of real-world data acquisitions
  • reduce acquisition efforts
  • have even faster development iterations

We complement our ground truth by deriving additional material from existing images using data-driven and realistic computer graphics to get more out of your existing data.

The perfect match of real data and synthetic components, all from one single source.

  • Virtual testing of new devices with different extrinsics and intrinsics with close-to-real camera simulation on already recorded image data
  • 100x more data variance through edge-case augmentation of real data, such as tattoos or sunglasses on human faces
  • Behaves just as recorded with your real device

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Our solution

Perfectly tailored for in-cabin sensing and VR/AR applications


Ahead of Regulations: Proactive Compliance for In-Cabin Sensing

As OEMs and Tier1 suppliers, you’re navigating through stringent functional safety requirements for in-cabin sensing. Meeting these regulations demands rigorous validation, but the challenge lies in efficiently collecting the necessary validation data.

Our advanced reference data technology enables full coverage of regulated specification on real-world data, yet scalable.

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Accelerate Progress: Double Your VR/AR Development Cycles

In the fast-paced world of VR equipment, having cutting-edge 3D perception tech is just the start. Yet, achieving more requires expert guidance to accelerate your development cycles.

Partner with us to optimize camera and sensor integration, benchmark your current practices against industry standards and receive tailored solutions for early-stage VR/AR development challenges.

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The big, fat carrot

Starting to work with our real-world ground truth solution, will make your data acquisition 100x faster. It will optimize your efficiency by leveraging data across both past and new devices for maximum impact. Using it for blending real and synthetic aspects, will boost your ROI to a maximum.


Do you want to work in a smart and nerdy team?

In our dynamic startup environment, daily business means fast coordination, short iteration cycles and a lot of fun. We are looking for computer vision professionals who are passionate about their craft and are open for non-tech talents too. Explore the opportunities on our careers page.