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Our Mission

Enabling Safe & Reliable AI through High-Quality Training Data

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Supplying high-quality training data for reliable applications

We know that the quality of data is essential for the performance of AI systems. That's why we've made it our mission to produce high-quality training data that enables safe and reliable computer vision applications. Our precise datasets reflect the complexity of the real world by blending real and synthetic data. By training AI with this data, our customers achieve high reliability in their vision applications. Whether in the healthcare industry or autonomous driving - we reliably bridge data gaps.


To make AI safe and aligned with human needs

Our vision at rabbitAI is to make AI safer, more reliable, and aligned with human needs. We recognize the transformative potential of AI, but also understand the risks it poses if not developed and deployed responsibly. Our goal is to ensure that AI systems are designed to be trustworthy and dependable, with a strong emphasis on safety and reliability. Through our work, we strive to make AI accessible to everyone, while minimizing the risks and ensuring that it serves humanity’s best interests.

What we do


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Experience the Power of High-Resolution Depth Data

Our advanced technology captures detailed depth information in a single shot, providing a high-precision depth map for every image. With no motion blur and real-world environments, our depth data delivers pixel-aligned accuracy, allowing for unprecedented AR and VR experiences. Let rabbitAI’s depth data take your AI applications to new heights of realism and accuracy.

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Elevate Your AI with Ultra-Realistic Augmentations

Our advanced augmentation technology enables the seamless integration of ultra-realistic objects into real-world scenes. With correct lighting, occlusions, reflective surfaces, and various weather situations, our augmentations blur the line between virtual and reality. At rabbitAI, we take augmentation to the next level, with our advanced Mixed Reality technology. Let us help you create AI applications that stand out with truly immersive, realistic environments.

Our Offers

How We Help Your Business


Fast and Accurate Captures of the World

Our unique recording technology captures complex and dynamic scenes into precise and feature-rich digital models. With only a single shot. This way we get very precise depth reconstruction for every pixel in the scene without motion blur.


GDPR Compliance

All our services are GDPR compliant. The mix-and-match approach avoids capturing personal data at it’s core.


Creating New Worlds

A polar bear in your backyard, mirrored in a puddle, at night! Sounds crazy? Just a click away with our technology: We enrich your training data by adding relevant objects. This approach goes beyond Augmentation, that’s why we call it Mixed Reality (MR).



Need to choose sensors for your AI application? Got stuck with your AI performance? Our data driven world models allow comparing different sensor setups in advance and help to systematically identify your data bottlenecks.

How it works

Acquisition, Augmentation & Quality Assurance. All in One Go.


Capturing Real Scenes

Real-world data captured with our own recording techniques guarantees optimal data sets including precise 3D depth reconstruction/maps.


Creating Safe Worlds

Increasing data richness and variability by creating new scenes out of already captured ones. These can be adapted to your camera setup.


Humans in the Loop

We provide the highest quality by always having humans in the loop. At the same time we reduce QA efforts by reusing high-quality material.

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