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Why rabbitAI Makes a Difference Hendrik Schilling |
Accurate training data is the must-have asset for modern computer vision algorithms. Our training ground truth is captured by a novel light field recording technique. This allows us to provide accurate and dense depth for every image pixel, see image below. This allows much better supervision for depth based computer vision tasks, like monocular depth estimation (depth prediction) or Lidar depth completion. Using rabbitAI Training Data This is a small demonstration of the results achievable by using rabbitAI dense GT for training of depth estimation tasks.
Why Self-Driving Cars Are Still on the Horizon and Not on the Street Marcel Gutsche |
You probably remember sentences from five years ago claiming that self-driving cars will be a reality the latest by 2020. Well there was some progress in this regard, but even Tesla, pushing frontier of autonomous vehicles, has not been able to fulfill this prophecy. So what went wrong? Is the whole deep learning thing just another hype, as some have predicted? We believe, that only a little ingredient is missing: High quality data.