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Who We Are

Welcome to rabbitAI, a dynamic and innovative AI startup comprising passionate employees who are dedicated to shaping the technology of tomorrow. Our focus is on advancing AI in all machine vision applications to enhance the safety, reliability, and value of our customers’ products, including AR and autonomous vehicles. With our cutting-edge recording technology, we create enriched training data for a Mixed Reality (MR) approach, and data-driven models for evaluations, putting us ahead of the competition by a rabbit jump.

We believe that the success of our talented team relies on attracting the brightest minds in the industry. That’s why we’re constantly searching for individuals who are passionate about AI and share our vision for the future.

Join us today and be a part of shaping the future of AI!


Kindness, Openness and Honesty

With these three values, we create the basis for other fundamental components of a young company. We ensure understanding, appreciative communication and create transparency. This enables a workplace where everyone feels valued, heard and respected. We believe that kindness, openness and honesty are the carrots that lead to a thriving work culture.


Keep Learning

We focus on continuous learning and experimentation. This is how we encourage our personal and professional growth. Our team remains curious about innovative ideas and open to new perspectives. This ensures agility and adaptability in our dynamic AI work environment.


Hoppin’ Together for Success

We believe that the power of the individual leads to collective success. Each member of our team has unique strengths, skills and perspectives. By encouraging and empowering each other to use these talents, we can achieve collective success and make a meaningful impact.


Sharp Minds & Results

We onboard the sharpest minds in data analytics and problem solving. Underlying our passion for precision and accuracy is the determination to achieve top results. Our goal is perfect data preparation so that our clients can make solid decisions.


Humorous Learning

For us, humour is an essential part of innovation. We know how important it is to learn from mistakes and deal with them with humorous lightness. Taking risks and trying out new things is necessary for our progress. Every rabbit is encouraged to live out their curiosity, creativity and joy of experimentation.